Rapitainer® Returnable Transit Packaging | Save Up to 80% vs Single Trip!
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Returnable Transit Packaging

Up to 16 x ROI vs. Corrugated

Cost Savings of 80% Plus

Environmentally Friendly

Rapitainer returnable transit packaging
Returnable packaging containers


What is Rapitainer®?

Put simply, Rapitainer® is a revolutionary new form of returnable transit packaging.


Whilst this in itself may not sound very exciting, if you are currently using high volumes of single trip corrugated packaging (for example 0201s), Rapitainer® could have a profound, positive impact on your business.


This includes offering a cost per box per trip from as low as 7 pence. Equivalent single use cardboard boxes would typically be about £1.50.


But these savings continue to add up. In fact, it is possible to see a saving in excess of 75% over a 3 year period, with a staggering 16 x return on investment (ROI) on your packaging spend.


Besides this Rapitainer® can increase your operational efficiency through a number of clever features, better protects your goods in transit and can even help reduce the environmental impact of your company.


Continue reading below to see just how much your business could benefit from switching to Rapitainer® returnable transit packaging.

Rapitainer ROI

Up to 16 x ROI

Treat your packaging as an investment and not a cost… and you could see a 16 x return on investment and cost savings of up to 80%. Start reducing costs today

Rapitainer efficiency

Improve Efficiency

Rapitainer® can help your business become more efficient too, with collapsible, design, tape free closure and numerous other innovative features

Eco friendly returnable packaging

Eco Friendly

Not convinced using plastic can be eco friendly? Rapitainer® can actually significantly reduce your business’ environmental impact.

Custom designed returnable packaging

Custom Design

The Rapitainer® system can be fully tailored to your exact requirements, and is manufactured bespoke for each application (giving you complete flexibility)


How Rapitainer® can reduce your costs

A problem for many businesses is that packaging is seen as a cost, and not an investment. And this is hardly surprising, when single trip corrugated is discarded after one journey.


By switching to Rapitainer®, it is possible to significantly reduce your costs, and in a number of ways.


Key amongst these is the reusability of the Rapitainer® packaging, which in turn enables the “lifetime costs” of the containers to be vastly lower than the cardboard box alternative.


This is in addition to indirect cost savings you can achieve through improvements in productivity and efficiency of your workforce. It can even be possible to reduce the storage space required for your packaging inventory!


Please see below for 3 real world examples of how using Rapitainer® reusable plastic packaging can have a direct impact on the ongoing costs to your business.

Cost effective returnable packaging

Single Trip Corrugated

This first example serves to highlight how, in the wrong application or industry, using single trip corrugated packaging can be a serious drain on your finances*.


Let’s say your business ships 14 pallets of goods per day to your customers or other parts of your supply chain. Each pallet holds 20 boxes, which means the total boxes sent per day is 280. Assuming you make 6 days of deliveries per week, this equates to 312 days of sending 14 pallets, or 4,386 pallets in total for the year.


This in turn means you send 87,360 boxes per annum.


Now, if your typical cost for a single trip corrugated box is around £1.50, this would mean your packaging spend for the year is £131,040. Assuming your business is relatively stable, this figure would apply to years 2 and 3 (and so on). So, in total, you would have 3 year packaging spend of £393.120.


Please click the tabs to the left to see how this compares to the costs of using Rapitainer®


Please note: there will be many applications where single trip corrugated may be the best solution for your business (based on factors such as usage / volume, return logistics availability, product fragility etc.). We will be happy to offer impartial advice as appropriate.

Returnable Packaging Loop

This next example provides a striking comparison between the use of single trip corrugated, and the Rapitainer® returnable packaging system.


Using the same assumptions from the cardboard box example, your business sends 14 pallets of product per day, with 20 boxes on each pallet.


However, using Rapitainer® it is possible to work on a 4 week returnable cycle. This sees you keep 1 x week of containers at your premises, 1 x week in outbound transit, 1 x weeks worth at your customers’ facility, and 1 x weeks amount of containers in return / inbound transit.


Operating the same 6 day week and daily volume of 280 boxes, your business would need 6,720 boxes to maintain this 4 week cycle.


At this volume, purchasing costs for Rapitainer® would typically be £10 per unit, so an initial outlay of £67,200. However, this also covers the costs for years 2 and 3 (as Rapitainer® can last in excess of 200 journeys).


As such, an ROI – when compared with single trip corrugated – is seen within 6 months, and 2 x ROI by the end of year 1. By the end of year 3, this would 5 x your initial investment.


Another way of putting this is a direct cost saving of £63,840 by the end of Year 1 (48.7%), or a huge £325,920 (82.9%) by the end of Year 3!

KanBan / Just In Time

The final example is applicable if your customers or other parts of your supply chain employ (or can be persuaded to) use a Just in Time or KanBan setup for the items they receive from your business.


This allows for a significantly quicker turnaround of the reusable packaging containers used to make the deliveries.


Working on the assumption that the containers spend a maximum of 2 days at your site, 2 days at your customers, plus a day in transit each way, this would see you have a requirement for only 6 days’ worth of boxes.


Despite this, the amount of containers used per day remains the same as the other examples – 14 pallets per day, 20 boxes per pallet, 280 total boxes per day.


This means a total requirement of 1,680 Rapitainer® boxes to maintain this setup. This would involve an initial investment of £25,200 (unit cost of £15 due to lower volume ordered).


Comparing this to single trip corrugated, an ROI is seen with just 10 weeks. By the end of year 1 the ROI is approximately 5 times the original investment, with ROI x 16 by the end of the 3 year period we are comparing.


Put another way, this is a cost saving of £105,840 by the end of Year 1 (80.77%), or a huge £367,920 (93.5%) by the end of Year 3.

Reusable packaging system


Additional Benefits of Rapitainer®

Rapitainer® not only helps reduce your costs through the elimination of an ongoing spend on single trip boxes, but in a number of other ways too.


For starters, the innovative tapeless closure not only eliminates the cost of purchasing the tape itself, but also speeds up the assembly (and collapsing) of the boxes.


Rapitainer® can also be folded flat when not in use, making storage and return transit more efficient than equivalent moulded plastic totes (such as Euro containers). Effectively, 5 whole pallet loads (if stacked 4 high) can be folded flat and returned on a single pallet.


Even better, is that an assembled Rapitainer® can be used to store / transport as many as 10 unassembled (i.e. flat) containers, further maximising efficiency.


The stock Rapitainer® sizes are also designed to work with standard pallets (maximising load space), and their inherent stacking strength allows for safe handling too.


And finally, the durable nature of the Correx® material used to manufacture Rapitainers® means that you are less likely to have items damaged during transit. This not only reduces the costs associated with returns / replacements, but also keeps your customers happy too!


Eco friendly packaging

It is a common misconception that all plastic packaging is bad for the environment. But this isn’t (always) true.


In fact, the energy required in the processing and recycling of single trip corrugated boxes (just to effectively be made into the exact same product) is vastly greater that required to maintain a collection of Rapitainers® as part of closed loop transit system.


Plus, as Rapitainers® can last for 100s of trips (and are easily cleaned too) reduces the amount of raw materials, manufacturing, transport and overall environmental impact when compared with one use cardboard boxes.


Another commonly overlooked fact is that Correx® is actually recyclable, meaning that your Rapitainers® do not need to end up in landfill at the end of their usable life either.

Environmentally friendly packaging


Free Quotes & Advice

See how Rapitainer® could make a difference to your business? If you would like a no obligation quote, or impartial advice on whether Rapitainer® could work for your business then please get in touch using the details below or the accompanying contact form. Our UK based experts will be happy to help with any query.

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